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The Top Choice for Office & House Clearance in Chigwell

Ever wondered why so many homeowners and companies choose to use us for professional office clearance and house clearance in Chigwell? Wonder no longer! On this page, we’ve listed just a handful of the reasons why investing in professional waste clearance could really pay off.

Why Use Our Professional House and Office Clearance Services in Chigwell?

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Organisation – With over 30 years’ experience in the office and house clearance industry, our fullly qualified and insured team have mastered their profession. We go about our work in a methodical and organised manner, as we’re well aware of how a chaotic house or office clearance can take five times as long as a carefully planned one.


If you require a house or office clearance in Chigwell, and don’t want it to drag on or result in unnecessary complications, seek professional assistance from Ilford House Clearance.

Efficiency – We use purpose-built vehicles that can transport a lot of waste. If you choose to go about an office or house clearance in Chigwell yourself, you’ll be faced with either hiring a van, or taking repeat trips back and forth between your property and the dump.


This isn’t very efficient, and will result in a massive waste of time and even money (petrol costs). Depending on the size of the office or house clearance, we may be able to do the entire job in one trip, which will keep costs down and ensure it’s all over and done with as soon as possible.

Environmental Responsibility – As licenced and insured waste carriers, we have a duty to ensure that all waste we collect during a house or office clearance in Chigwell is disposed of in an environmentally responsible and entirely legal manner. There are many types of waste that are tricky to dispose of, and you can be seriously fined if you do it incorrectly.


For full peace of mind, why not employ the services of house and office clearance professionals? Everything that can be recycled will be recycled, and items that can’t be will be processed through the most appropriate, proper avenues.

Do you have a domestic or commercial property that needs clearing out in or around the East London area? Call Ilford House Clearance on 07958 639 535.