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Office Clearance in Chigwell, Ilford, Romford & Woodford Green

In addition to being known as the top choice for professional house clearance in East London, we proudly offer the premier office clearance service in Chigwell, Ilford, Romford and Woodford Green. If you’re moving offices or gearing up for a refurbishment, you may find that you have a lot of waste and unneeded furniture that needs disposing of. That’s where we come in. Our team, which boasts over 30 years’ experience within the industry, will quickly sort, package and load items into our fleet of commercial vehicles. From there, we’ll take them onto the appropriate waste handling facility, ensuring everything is disposed of responsibly.


It’s our aim to ensure that the required office clearance causes as little disruption to you and your staff’s working day as possible. We work discreetly and efficiently, getting everything out and loaded in as short a time as possible. And even if you’ve forgotten that certain items need to be removed and have a deadline to stick to, we’ll be able to help. We’ve provided many “last minute” office clearance services to clients around Chigwell, Ilford, Romford and Woodford Green. It’s our goal to provide you with a tailored, personalised service that meets all your requirements.


Unlike many competitors operating around the Chigwell, Ilford, Romford and Woodford Green areas, we have the experience, manpower and equipment needed to handle even the most awkward and heavy of items. This includes all forms of heavy machinery, lighting rigs, electrical appliances and furniture. We’ll ensure that during the office clearance, none of these items cause damage to the property you’re departing. We’re aware that this could cause issues, like making you financially liable for said damage. Not exactly ideal when you’re in the midst of a move. Speaking of finance, you’ll find our prices extremely competitive. Check our price page to see just how affordable we can be!

Why Make Use of Our Professional Office Clearance Service?

Some Chigwell, Ilford, Romford and Woodford Green companies may look to conduct an office clearance “in-house”, so to speak. But there are many reasons why we think it pays to call in the professionals.


Save Time – Office clearance can eat up a lot of time, which can be better sent running your business and holding down the fort.


Save Effort – Some items in your office that need moving might be very heavy, and having your employees handle them could be an accident waiting to happen. If you’re concerned about this important health and safety aspect, don’t risk it – get in the pros.


Save Money – The amount of money you spend on fuel and the daily salaries of workers pulled away from their usual tasks to conduct an office clearance could end up being well-under our own rates.


Keep it Simple & Stress Free – Both moving offices and having a refurbishment carried out are stressful times for any business, whether you’re an SME in Chigwell or Ilford, or a large corporation with offices in Romford or Woodford Green. By letting us take part of the load off your shoulders, you can help keep things simple and stress-free.

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