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Hassle-Free House and Office Clearance in Romford

People talk all sorts of rubbish about waste disposal (excuse the pun). But there are hard set rules governing what you and can’t do when carrying out an office clearance in Romford. Commercial waste disposal is heavily regulated; there’s a lot of red tape and legislation that surrounds it on both a local and governmental level.


Below we’ve looked to provide some advice on the legal obligations that may apply to you. As specialists in office and house clearance in Romford with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we can ensure that you don’t fall foul of the law by disposing of waste in a safe and legal manner on your behalf. We can also issue you with any advice should there be something you’re unsure about.

Your Legal Responsibilities








You must attempt to minimise business waste accumulation by recycling, recovering and reusing products where you can.

You must ensure that waste is stored in a safe and secure manner.

You must fill out a waste transfer notice for every load of waste that departs your premises. If you’re using Ilford House Clearance for an office clearance in Romford, we can do this on your behalf.

You must only use waste carriers that are licenced and registered to dispose of business waste. Our house and office clearance company is fully licenced.

You must report your waste carrier to Crimestoppers if you suspect they have disposed of your waste illegally (otherwise known as fly tipping). We can assure you this won’t happen if you use our office or house clearance services.

The term business waste applies to waste that originates from any commercial activity whatsoever, whether that be construction, demolition, industry, agriculture or even a home business. In the latter case, we can quickly carry out house clearance in Romford that won’t break the bank, as we know margins are tight when you’re starting your own independent business.


Please keep in mind that if you want to carry out your own office clearance, you will need to apply for a waste carrier’s licence. To avoid the hassle that this can be, we recommend using our house clearance and office clearance experts in Romford. We’re a reputable business that always recycles and disposes of waste in the proper manner, and do so at highly competitive rates.

Have a question regarding your legal responsibilities or how we go about office clearance and house clearance in Romford? Call 07958 639 535.