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Fast & Efficient House Clearance in Woodford Green

While Ilford House Clearance is known for providing both office clearance and house clearance in Woodford Green, on this page, we’ve focused on the latter service. We’ve featured some tips that will ensure your house clearance is a stress-free, smooth and enjoyable experience. Many can also be applied to office clearance, however. So if that’s what you’re in the market for, don’t hesitate to read on!

House Clearance Tips















Get yourself organised ahead of time. That way when the house clearance rolls around, we’re in and out your property as quick as possible. Our team are a friendly bunch, but we’re sure you’d like to get on with the rest of your day!  The same advice goes for clients investing in an office clearance in Woodford Green.

Separate the items that you want to keep and put them well to one side. This way you won’t accidently throw them in the pile that gets taken out during the house or office clearance.

Some items you don’t want anymore may appeal to family members or local friends around Woodford Green. Ask ahead of time and see if anyone has any use for reusable items that would otherwise be scrapped in the house clearance.

Bag up clothing, bedding and similar fabrics. We’re happy to do this on your behalf, but doing it ahead of time could significantly reduce the length of time that a house clearance in Woodford Green takes.

5. Empty your cupboards, even the ones you rarely ever look in. Chances are there’ll be items in there you want to get rid of, and there’s no better time to do so than when our house clearance specialists are on your doorstep.

If you live in a semi-detached property in Woodford Green, you may want to inform your neighbours that you’re having us over! Check to ensure that our van won’t cause any disruption in regards to parking or pedestrian access.

7Following on from this, it’s important to ensure ahead of time that there is space outside your property for our van to manoeuvre, and that there aren’t any significant hazards that could prevent our team from moving about your property safely. This latter tip mainly applies to clearances of dilapidated or abandoned properties on behalf of a landlord, etc.

But it isn’t just house clearances that we offer, companies come to us whenever they require a fast, efficient and affordable office clearance in Woodford Green. If this is something you’re interested in, give us a call today.

Dial 07958 639 535 to speak with a friendly member of the Ilford House Clearance team. We’re the top choice for office and house clearance in Woodford Green.